Loukas Armaos has been a Tattoo Artist for 18 years, while the last 17 years he owns his personal Studio Tattoo in Korydallos, where he strictly obey all hygiene rules by the book.

He will design your personal unique Tattoo and with the technological help you will see the tattoo drawing on your body, in a picture, before you even have it.

Furthermore, Loukas Armaos is into Bodybuilding and has a variety of medals in the Bodybuilding Fitness (Mens Physique) category.
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Address: Psarron 50, Korydallos, P.O. Box. 18120, Hellas.
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Loukas Armaos is a Tattoo Artist, Painter and Piercer Since 2005,
Founder and Owner of LA Studio Tattoo in Piraeus.
17 years guaranteed experience.
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